Connecticut Veterinary Technician Association

Central Hospital for Veterinary Medicine, 4 Devine
North Haven, CT 06473



Credentialed Veterinary Technicians: the first year fee is $50.00. Annual renewal fees will be $35/year. Renewal for Credentialed Veterinary Technicians will require the successful completion of 12 hours of CE credit.

Credentialed Members in this category shall be Veterinary Technicians who pass the VTNE, with a score of 425 or higher, and also fulfill one of the following criteria: 

 a. Be a graduate of a veterinary technician program accredited by the AVMA and recognized by the CTVTA Board of Directors. 

 b. Hold a degree from a program in Veterinary Technology which is not accredited by the AVMA or a Bachelor’s degree in animal or biological sciences and one year full time (minimum of 1500 hours) practical experience as a veterinary technician. 

 c. Hold an associate degree in animal or biological sciences and 3 years full time (minimum of 4500 hours) practical experience as a Veterinary Technician. 

 d. Be employed 4 years full time (minimum of 6000 hours) as a Veterinary Technician plus 18 semester hours (college credits) in animal or biological sciences. 

 e. Be employed 5 years full time (minimum of 7500 hours) as a Veterinary Technician. 

g. Individuals who are currently registered,certified or licensed as a Veterinary Technician another state, providing criteria for such status meets or exceeds the criteria of the CTVTA. 

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